Beth Phillips was was the mother of Sue Sharp and thus Steve Sharp's first mother-in-law.

Name, Nicknames Edit

It's possible that Beth's full name was Elizabeth, but Beth is always used in the books. Sue Sharp called her first daughter Elizabeth Ann, after her "mother and grandmother."[1] She never married, and thus kept her maiden name, Phillips.

Birth Date, Age, Appearance Edit

Beth was described as an "older version of Sue"; five-three or five-four in hight, neither slim nor fat, with soft curves and large chest although not as large as Sue's. She had dark brown hair with tinges of gray, and very few wrinkles, and generally in good shape.[2]

Family and Relationships Edit

Beth was the daughter of Ann and Jake Phillips, an old and wealthy Tampa family. She had a brother, Ben Phillips, with whom she had a long-term, clandestine relationship She eventually stopped hiding the relationship, at least among family and friends, and lived with Ben as a wife.

She had one daughter, by Ben: Sue Phillips.

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References Edit

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