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Florida Friends is a series of stories written by Dual Writer. They tell of Steve Sharp, Chuck Johnson and their family and friends and how they develop friendships and successful businesses in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

The books are primarily posted on Storiesonline.

There is a mirror page on Apache's Adult Story Page.

Series OrderEdit

The list below is based on SOL's series numbers, assigned by the author. The internal chronology is more complex, and needs more work.

  1. "Happy Valentine's Day" is not part of the series on SOL, but it shows young Steve Sharp and his family.
  2. Vacation?
  3. Vacation-Two
  4. Bare Assets
  5. Job Hunt
  6. Always Finding Trouble
  7. Chuck's Forced Vacation
  8. On My Own
  9. Steve and Chuck
  10. Geraldine
  11. "Be My Valentine"
  12. Be My Valentine? 2011
  13. Steve and Chuck Go Sailing
  14. Steve and Chuck - Changes and Life Adjustments
  15. S&S Nerd
  16. Chuck and Lisa

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