Chuck's Eyes

Chuck Johnson was a newly released disabled Marine looking for a job. He found a job but also found trouble. During his adventures he gathered a group of women around him and also met up with Steve Sharp .

He was good at keeping a cool head during his troubles.

Appearance Edit

Chuck lost his leg in service, but could function well using a prosthesis, and under most circumstances his handicap wasn't apparent. He was five-eleven to six feet tall, and weighted about 180 pounds.[1]

Biography Edit

Chuck was a Marine, and spent 7 years in special forces.[2] He worked in counterintelligence.[3]

He was possibly a Scout Sniper: Major Selby referred to him as a Marine Special Operations Scout. Captain Harris recalled Chuck as a team leader who got injured.[4]

He was wounded and lost his leg; spent a year in a military hospital and was discharged. At that point, he started looking for a job -- the start of Job Hunt.[5]

He subsequently found a job at the local unemployment office.[6]

Later he became a temporary, and then a permanent Deputy of the United States Marshals Service, later rising to a senior supervising position in that service.

Consequently, he also accepted a covert role in the United States Secret Service.

Family Edit

Chuck had an aunt, Etta-Mae Johnson. His parents and a sister, who was a year younger than Chuck, died when their car was broadsided by a truck and went in the river. Chuck was 18 or 19 at the time and was serving in the Marines. he had two cousins, Etta's grandchildren: Marian Johnson and Virginia Johnson.[7]

His mother was Anglelina Johnson, and his father was David Johnson.[8]

Relationships and Children Edit

Chuck's relationship is unconventional, with multiple women living with him with various degrees of permanence.

+ Gina Martinelli

Giovanni Martinelli (the younger) (sort-of adopted)
Sophia Martinelli (sort-of adopted)

+ Frieda

Farah Johnson the older twin, born in April 2011[9]
Sarah Johnson the younger twin, born in April 2011[9]

+ Nancy Atom

Nitika Atom, born later the same evening that Farah and Sarah were born[9]

+ Judy

Julie Johnson, born at the same time as Nitika[9]

+ Lisa Johnson no relation ... yet.[10] Actually, Chuck later finds out that Lisa, as well as Missy and Mercy are his distant cousins

+ Brandy

Daniel Martin Johnson

+ Tiani Jackson

Samuel Thomas Johnson (born on the same day as Daniel Martin)[11]

+ Maria

Juanita Johnson

Names and Nicknames Edit

During some covert operations, his codename was Eyes. His full name was Charles M. Jonhson,[12] but he nearly always used Chuck.

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