Chapter 4Edit

Gerry heads to the club for another afternoon of dancing. After dancing she takes a break to get a meal, with another dancer, May. When returning they are attacked by a man who is arrested. The Sunday shift at the Mons Venus is messy, after a quick look around Gerry leaves. She returns to the park and sees Candy and Misty. The club needs cleaning, the manager and dancers who were there are fired! Gerry, Candy, Misty and other dancers are called in.

Gerry meets Ben Sharp who helps her get new driving documents and insurance. Ben also tells of some of the family adventures.

Character: Joe Redner, owner of Mons Venus.

Character: Ben Sharp , son of Kathy and Jake, student at UCF.

Character: Kathy Sharp , mother of Ben, JJ (Jake junior), Carl and Barbara.

Character: Barbara, daughter of Kathy.

Character: Debbie, friend of Barbara.

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