Chapter 5Edit

Gerry meets more of the Sharp family and friends. She is also shown around some of the factories and workshops. Steve suggests Gerry needs to learn more about composite materials during her studies. She enrolls at UCF to finish her graduate courses. Gerry tells manager at club she will be studying and need to work different hours.

Character: Charlie (Stump or Stumpy): Mechanic at Tampa V-Twin and husband of Shawna

Character: Shawna : redheaded pixie and wife of Charlie

Character: Dennis , Kevin & Susan’s son

Character: Jeff Fisher , Fiberglass foreman

Character: Mia , Jack & Terry’s daughter

Character: Stevie, (Steven Sharp Junior) Steve & Sue’s first child

Character: CJ , (Charles Junior ): Charlie & Shawna’s first child

Character: Bonita Sharp , Kathy and Steve's daughter

Character: Greg, (Gregory Steven Sharp): Kathy & Steve’s son

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