Geraldine Shadow was a young woman who moved from Texas to Florida. She was the first-person protagonist of Geraldine. She was frequently called Gerry.[1] She was small-framed blonde, five foot-two or three in height.[2]

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The section includes spoilers to the story.

Gerry was born near Dumas, in north Texas. Gerry grew up on a reservation farm. Her father was a half-Native American, probably Kiowa. Her mother had a very light blonde hair. Gerry was quarter-Indian, with blonde hair and brown eyes. Her father died in a farming accident when she was ten, and her mother died of cancer a few years later. She learned to drive, and had license endorsements for motorcycles and big trucks. Gerry lived with her grandmother until she went to college.

She went to college on a volleyball scholarship, and was part of the team there. Gerry had to take a lot of physical education courses, which bore her. She had two majors, one of them geology and one metallurgy specializing in metal alloy composites.[3][4]

She was studying at West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas. She was a good student, and had a 3.8 grade point average.[5]

She dropped out prior to graduation and came to Tampa, Florida with her boyfriend. Shortly afterwards, she broke up with him, and became a nude dancer at Mons Venus, where she used the name Tess.[1]

Subsequently, she joined S&S Enterprises part-time, and was able to transfer to University of Southern Florida, graduating after a few more classes. Afterwards, she joined S&S Research and Development full time, specializing in material development.[4]

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