Have Mercy was a large sailboat owned by the Sharp family.

History Edit

Steve Sharp acquired the ship in exchange for his smaller but much better equipped boat from Marshal Tucker in Panama City. Marshal acquired the boat for entertainment, but found it too difficult to handle, and couldn't keep a full-time crew to man it.

He really liked the Sharps' smaller, better-equipped and easier to handle boat ???, and offered to exchange it. The Sharps, with particular support of Mercy who loved to sail, happily agreed. Steve decided on the name due to Mercy's enthusiasm for sailing the big boat.[1]

Description Edit

Have Mercy was a large sailing yacht made by Magellan Brothers. It was 110 foot long, with a 24-foot beam. It had a master stateroom, three big staterooms, a dining room and a lounge next to a big galley, and a huge salon on the main deck.[1]

It weighted 110 tons. It had a steel hull.[2]

The Sharps modified it to have a head for every stateroom, in addition to the common one reached from the galley; and added a lot of instrumentation.

References Edit

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