Glenda introduced Kathy to Steve Sharp on Steve's first visit to the pool at the trailer park. At the time, Kathy was probably near thirty, maybe thirty-five with a very nice figure. She was probably about five-five, about one fifteen, on the thin side but full on top. When she sat up straight, her large breast sagged noticeably without the support of a tighter bra top.[1]

Kathy's maiden name is Lofton, and she is the daughter of Carl Lofton and Bessie Lofton.

Kathy was a widow of Jake (no last name given), a Marine who is killed on the first day of Desert Storm. She has four children at the time of the first meeting, J.J.- Jake Jr., 9 years old almost 10, Ben, age 9, Carl, age 8 and Barb, age 7.[1]

Kathy is Steve's first "girlfriend" at the trailer park. At the time of the fisrt meeting between Steve and Kathy she is being harrassed by Jeff Barlow. After several violent altercations at the trailer park by Jeff Barlow and his family, Kathy packs up her family and moves north to live with her mom and dad. She gives Steve Sharp Jake's old motorcycle when she leaves.

She returns several years later to become of the Steve's "wives". In Vacation-Two, Kathy presents Steve with his son from their early encounter, Gregory Stephen Sharp, usually known as Greg.

Near the end of the book, she gives birth to Bonita Sharp.

Possible Birth DatesEdit

Based on Chuck Johnson's summary in Chuck's Forced Vacation Chapter 1.

  1. J.J. 1989
  2. Ben 1988
  3. Carl 1987
  4. Barb 1992
  5. Greg 2000
  6. Bonita 2004


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