Lisa Johnson was first introduced the the Florida Friends in Always Finding Trouble as the crazy pilot Lisa. [1] She was a flight instructor at S&S Air Charters. She taught Chuck Johnson quite a lot about flying the various aircraft out at the Airpark.

When Chuck had to fly to Buffalo,[2] Lisa was his (at the time unnamed) pilot in a Learjet. She flirted with Chuck outrageously, as well as flying upside-down, and letting Chuck have some time in the right seat. That flight was responsible for Chuck signing up for flight lessons.[3]

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Chuck introduced her as Lisa Johnson. No relation yet, but Lisa is a musician too.[4] Her surname was also mentioned when she said This stuff is the real Chuck and Lisa Johnson.[5]

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Birth date (if possible to determine), or age when first encountered, and so on. Also, physical appearance.

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Lisa was largely raised by Peaches, and called her "Mama": Mama told me how Lisa had been left with her every night when her dad had gone out to play music. During the day, Lisa's dad would teach Lisa to play, and during the night Lisa would play for Mama and her kids. Lisa said, "Mama kept me from when I was about four till I was sixteen. I would have stayed longer, but when dad died, the state put me in a foster home. I left at eighteen and worked as a dancer until I finished my airline transport license.[6]

Titles, Professional History Edit

Lisa was a covert operative of the United States Secret Service (SS), and assigned to observe Chuck, as well as protect him. Chuck discovered that when Lisa used an SS aircraft code accidentally.[7]

Lisa was a skilled musician: she often played and sang with Chuck, Bonita Sharp and The Blues Expedition.[4]

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