The Lucky Lady was a large sailing yacht that Chuck Johnson bought. It was a 175-foot sailboat made by Magellan Brothers.[1]

History Edit

Chuck along with Steve Sharp and their families and friends set off on the ship for a trip to Europe.[2]

It used to be called Pure Greek, and belong to George Marcockos, before being confiscated by US law enforcement.[3] It was somewhat damaged by the search for drugs. It was estimated to be worth $75 million before the damage, but Chuck was able to buy it for $7 million.[4]

Layout Edit

The boat was redesigned by Chuck, with guidance from Steve's a Chuck's ladies to allow as many as 53 people on-board.

Dual Writer described the layout as follows:[5]

Three masters and six doubles on the middle deck and two big cabins on the lower level. The main deck salon is extremely big with another small salon toward the rear of the boat for a second access below. That is referred to as a sun deck although the big sun deck is over the main salon. The little salon is a perfect place to read a book, stare out at the water, or just contemplate.

The outdoor helm is actually a raised area between the main salon and the sun deck. It is raised a little and to one side (not centered) for visability.

It included:[6]

Lower deck[7] Edit

  • 2 big cabins in the lower deck, with a hot tub and a sauna in between[8][5]
  • laundry, gym room
  • plush office on lower deck, with its own small head[9]
  • Engine room, maintenance shop, desalination room
  • crew quarters (boys' and girls' bunk rooms) in the crew quarters on lower deck
  • captain's quarters
  • crew's lounge with a big TV and a table to play games on[10]
  • small crew galley[7]

Middle deck Edit

  • 3 master cabins[5]
  • 6 double cabins forward of the galley on the middle deck[5]
  • galley, dining area, lounge

Main deck Edit

  • main deck: with a very large topside lounge and a large whether helm
  • Another small hot tub on the roof of the lounge on the main deck, and a sunning area[9]
  • Outdoor main helm on a raised area between main salon and sun deck[5]
Rear of main deck
  • small salon toward the rear with second access below, called sun deck[5]
  • Large inflatable dinghy on the rear deck
  • Inflatable Zodiac boat in the rear locker[9]

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