Merlin Michael was a magician, whose daughter Mercy became one of Steve Sharp's wives.

Name, Nicknames Edit

His daughter, Mercy, said of her first son, "Michael Steven Sharp. That's after Merlin Michael the great Magician"[1], implying that Michael is her father's surname. His actual given name was Merlin, because his parents were magicians as well, and named him after the legendary Merlin of the Arthurian Legend.[2] In addition to Mercy's first son, her youngest son Tom Steven Merlin Sharp was also named after Merlin.

Birth Date, Age, Appearance Edit

At the time of Steve's first visit to Merlin's club, Mercy was 28, so presumably at that point he was around 50.[3] This happened before July 2, 1999.[4]

Family and Relationships Edit

Merlin was married to Mission Michael, usually called Missy, and had a daughter Mercy.

Titles, Professional History Edit

Merlin owned, operated and performed at a restaurant and nightclub, Merlin's,[5] in San Francisco.

Merlin is an accomplished illusionist. Steve and Dewey go to his club in San Francisco, where they are treated to very impressive tricks, some of which are never explained.[3]

Some of Merlin's remarkable powers include:

  • he claimed to use group hypnosis[2]
  • projective telepathy when Merlin tried to confuse Steve while playing pool[6]
  • levitating Tina at her 14th birthday party[7]

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