Nancy Sharp was the wife of Henry Sharp; and Steve Sharp's sister-in-law.

Birth Date, Age, Appearance Edit

Nancy was a "real big blonde". She was almost five eleven, and near two seventy-five pounds; she was about an inch taller than her husband.[1]

Family and Relationships Edit

Nancy's husband was Henry, but she also liked playing with women, especially along with Henry. Henry, Nancy and Crystal had an encounter shortly after their first meeting.[2]

She was unable to have kids due a hysterectomy as a teen, but enjoyed the children of her brother-in-law and others in the Town and Country Trailer Park.[3]

Titles, Professional History Edit

Nancy worked for a company in Cincinnati for eight years, but she was laid off when the company headquarters moved to Tampa. That was a part of Nancy and Henry deciding to move to Florida.[1][4]

Nancy was hired to be Ruth's assistant in Human Resources for S&S Enterprises.[2]

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