Robin dualwritersguest is the pseudonym of 'Robin Aubrey'.

Based on his SOL page, he is

a resident of the UK (England more specifically). Robin has been and is a fan of the Florida Friends series. For his personal therapy he wished to write a separate story that he had created. This should be considered "Fan-Fiction" as although the story is reasonably current, it will not follow the path dualwriter has for his future additions. Enjoy this as a separate entity, another dimension. This will probably be the only Florida Friends story by Robin.

He posted One Month of Chuck & Steve – an Alternative Scenario, which was completed on July 17, 2012.

In the concluding note, he wrote:

So ends "ONE MONTH in the Lives of CHUCK and STEVE".

Before all this started, I promised Dualwriter, that I would end this when he was ready to start posting the next story in his mainstream Florida Friends saga – I'm looking forwatd to reading "The Nerd". It should be good.

I want to thank Dualwriter for giving me the opportunity of presenting my work to a larger audience – I'm sure I caused him a lot of distress at the way I manipulated his "World"; and I must also thank my brilliant editor, Pepere, for all his hard work making my "Britspeak" intelligible to readers right around the world.

But most especially, I want to thank YOU, my readers, who have faithfully followed my story and spread the word so successfully that it has been in the SOL Top Twenty downloads for weeks, and in the Top Ten for longer that I deserve.

I've enjoyed writing this so much that a sequel is in the wings. It will be along similar lines to this "Alternative Scenario", but will have different characters including many Europeans. I'm pleased to say that DW has agreed to permit Sue and Quality Wear to supply uniforms for my new army.

Keeping to this rather rigorous posting schedule has proved something of a trial to both my family and I, so please don't expect to read the first chapters of "The Lottery Winner" for some months.

A retired USCG fan is preparing lists of the characters, aircraft and other useful information. Hopefully these will make this story more intelligible to future readers. These will be posted shortly.



PS - In future, I will be writing under my proper pen-name "ROBIN AUBREY".