On August 4, 2012, Dual Writer wrote on his SOL blog:

Here comes the S&S Nerd. This story is a character intro similar to Mark (On my Own) or Geraldine. Feeny is a story of his own who interacts with many of the Florida Friends characters. Here's hoping you enjoy him.

The story will be posted sporadically in comparison to the rigid schedules of my past stories. When I think the chapter is finished being edited by whomever is available, I'll post it.

This story isn't an attempt to top any of the previous stories but is a fun piece of writing that came from a couple whacks on the back of the head by my darling little muse who is harassing me lately.

This should be fun. ........... Enjoy

Posting Info Edit

The story was originally referred to as The Nerd, but when posted on August 4, 2021, it was titled S&S Nerd.

The SOL description reads:

A young versatile university PhD professor is tired of being the object of derision as the pocket protector guy. When offered an opportunity to join a unique company, he takes a chance and enjoys the transition. Caution, there will be some areas of intense sex. Just skip over those that are offensive.
The main character is Salvatore Markus Feeny, also known as Feeny, a PhD in Computer Science.