Shawna is a red-headed pixie that Steve Sharp first meets at Tampa V-twin where she works with Charlie her husband as a mechanic[1]. Shawna and Charlie are both bikers also and live at the trailer park just down from Steve Sharp, Glenda Nelson and Martin Nelson.

She is described to have 32A breasts[1].

When Kathy leaves for up north with her children, Charlie and Shawna buy her old trailer home.

Shawna is a crack shot with a pistol. She recounted an episode when as a small girl she defended her family against armed robbers by shooting them. She helps Steve with the trouble he has with Jeff Barlow and his family[2].

Shawna and Charlie had a son, Charles Junior or CJ, in early February, 2000[3]. They also had a daughter, Sean, in late 2000.[4]


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